Hey there!

Welcome to my story.

So I guess I should take it back to two years ago. At that point, I had been in a relationship for 7 and a half years and something I learned in that relationship was that you can’t love someone else if at first you haven't learnt to love yourself. I realised that sometimes it takes losing what we were settling for to remind us of what we deserve. So if you lose someone but found yourself, then you won. Because there is nothing more dangerous than someone that has healed themselves with the help of nobody. If you can rise up from the shit they left you in, there’s nothing or no one out there can tell you, you can’t. 

So after my world was flipped it on it’s head, I started to finally wake up. I realised that in order to rebuild myself, I needed to be broken, so much so that it was going to be up to me and only me to put the pieces back together again. So that’s what I did.

The chance I took upon myself was to do something I was always too afraid of doing. So I booked a flight with two people I’d only just met at the time and we flew to Phuket, Thailand for 8 days to train and practice the art of Muay Thai. 

Never had I mentally and physically pushed myself harder than I did during those 8 days. I came back from that trip and realised there wasn’t much I couldn’t do if I let go of the fear and just did it anyway. Coming back to the 9-5 job was hard after I had just been on the trip that changed my perspective on life. So two weeks after being back, I booked another flight back to Phuket only this time I decided to do the trip on my own. And it was the best thing I could have ever done. 

Traveling solo is something everyone should do at some point in their life. You don’t know yourself until you're alone and I mean really alone. Being alone for the first time in 7 and a half years in a place where I didn’t speak the language and only knew a handful of people forced me to get in touch with myself. It forced me to go out of my comfort zone even further and meet people I would have otherwise never have taken the time to get to know.

It was on this trip I met some of the most amazing people with amazing stories to tell. It was then when I realised that not only does everyone have a story, but someone else’s story could help you create your own. Thus, the idea of Finally Found was born. I wanted to capture these stories and share them because some of them that changed me and my outlook on life could do the same for someone else. The purpose of these cards is to tell your story

After that second Thailand trip, I came home and promised myself to only do the things that would either grow me or make me happy. If that meant booking a weekend trips to New Zealand, go sky diving, bungee jumping or climb Mt Everest Base Camp then I was going to set out and do it. And all it took was a broken heart, getting lost and taking a chance to understand that time is all you have and what you do with it is in your control. 

So if I can leave you with one thing it’s this; you must be willing to let go of the life you had planned to make way for the life that is waiting for you.
That’s my story so far, what’s yours?