Want to be an ongoing contributor? If you have words of wisdom to share and are interested in having your essays published, we want you! These essays can be any kind of writing you want to share about topics such as lifestyle, relationships, travel or all of the above!

Here are some example questions you could answer to kick start your creative juices 

1. What does travel mean to you and how has it impacted your life?
2. Why do you think we long to travel so much?
3. What have you learned from travel?
4. How has travel challenged you?
5. What experience has taught you the most valuable lesson in life?
6. Have you moved abroad? Tell us what that experience was like and how has travel informed your concept of what 'home means'? 
7. Have you ever travelled to discover your family history? How did that trip differ from others and what did you learn?
8. What's the best piece of advice you've received and how do you live it in your everyday life?
9. Where's the one place you've travelled to that has changed you, in a good or bad way?
10. Where is the one place you would recommend someone go visit and why?