A conversation with a stranger at a time and place where everything seemed lost is how Finally Found started.

It started with the rebels, the creatives, the doers and the believers in mind. The cards are used to inspire people to go out and start living life on their own terms. See it's more than just a card, it's the start of your next chapter in your story.

These cards are for people who’ve decided it's time to book a ticket, go someplace they've never been before and start living an anything but ordinary kind of life.

Have you ever met someone on your travels or sat next to a person at the bus stop that had an inspiring story to tell? We don't know the power our story could have on someone else we may or may not know. We're all about those moments and conversations with strangers that create stories and moments to remember that may have changed your life.

Finally Found started because of those very conversations with strangers I'd crossed paths with on my travels. Each conversation led to a story and those stories inspired me in some way, shape or form to go out and create more of my own. 

The cards themselves are just the start of your story. It's what's behind the card, the experience, the moment, the significance being in those moments and experiencing those experiences is what it's really about. 

They're more than just cards, they're chapter starters. They're memories. They're to get you thinking about how important it is to keep searching for more. 

I realised Finally Found was going to be something more when I was in Thailand on a solo trip meeting amazing people from all across the world who had stories about their past that brought them to this place at this time. 

When I got home, my entire perspective on life had changed based on the stories of the people I met. There was this burning desire in me to do more than just go to work, earn money and live a life on auto pilot. It was at this moment I realised the power of people's stories and human connection. And that's pretty much what got the ball rolling on Finally Found. 

Words: Monique Medved

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