So this year was a year of ideas. I had this idea to fly to the desert to jump out of plane. I’ve done it before, just not in the desert. This time though, I thought I would bring my mum along for the ride.

Unfortunately, she wasn’t allowed to jump - which sucked but everything happens for a reason and her time will come. Soon.

There’s a lot jumping out of a plane can teach you about fear. There’s something about confronting death and the fear of dying when you’re staring right at it. 

If you’ve never been skydiving before, here’s a snapshot of what happens.
You get there, you check in, you wait around and let your nerves build up, you get briefed about what happens when you’re up in the sky, they don’t tell you what happens if something goes wrong - not sure if that’s reassuring or not but anyway.

You fly up, you get to 5,000ft, 10,000ft, 12,000ft and at 14,000ft the door opens and it’s at this point the idea of being in a plane with the doors open is well, crazy.
You get shuffled to the edge of the plane with your feet at the edge and the guy you're attached to starts counting down, 1, 2 and at 2 they push you out of the plane because on 3 people tend to grab onto the side of the doors.

And it’s in that moment, that split second after you can feel yourself falling that it becomes blissful instead of fearful because you’re flying not falling.

It’s hesitation that kills everything so you have to be able to take the leap towards what you want.

See when you’ve jumped and you’re free falling through the sky - there’s nothing to hold onto once you’ve let go and much like in life, there’s nothing we can ever really hold onto even though we try to hold on to people, jobs, money, ideas and thoughts.

When you get comfortable with falling, you realise there’s nothing you can ever really hit that could hurt you because that’s life. It's dangerous and at times scary but if we try to live through it in fear we’ll never be able to experience that state of bliss and freedom.

Life just like the views is a beautiful thing, so feel the fear and do it anyway.


Words by: Monique Medved
Instagram: @moniquemedved

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