So by now we’re all aware that this global pandemic thing isn’t going away anytime soon.
Which means social distancing and self isolating will be sticking around a little while longer. 

What this means is feelings will continue to surface for people during self isolation which tends to drive some people into extreme boredom, while leaving others in a state of panic and fear and that sense of loneliness. 

If you’ve been following along and watching my channel, you would have seen over the last few weeks I’ve been reaching out to people, not just from my inner circle, but with people I’d lost contact with over the years even with people across the globe asking them real hard hitting questions. But the conversations that always surprise me are the ones I have with people I have never met before. Yes, a total stranger.

So after the last video where I asked 14 people the same question, I had a lot of comments and messages from people who watched that video saying that they not only related to what everyone said, but they also felt this sense of connection with the people talking and they couldn’t understand why.

Which got me thinking, is it possible to have a deep connection with someone you’ve only known for a short amount of time?

And if so, how do you uncover that kind of connection when meeting someone for the first time?

So I thought I would put it to the test and I asked 2 people that had never met before to join me in a Zoom call. Where I asked them a bunch of questions to see if they would walk away feeling that sense of connection just by having one phone call. 

We as human beings not only crave deep connection with others but through that connection we want to be seen and heard but seen and heard as who we really are. 

When we’re being seen as the version of ourselves that we’re told we have to be in order to fit into society’s mould, it leaves us feeling unfulfilled. Which leads us chasing after people and things for instant gratification to try and fill that void.
But when we get that gratification or validation, we still feel empty, hollow and alone. Because despite ticking all the right boxes, still no one understands us.

So next conversation you have with someone try asking those real and honest questions. Then listen and I mean really listen.
Growth starts at the end of our comfort zone so put yourself out into that discomfort zone and broaden your perspective. And try it with someone you’ve never met before because a stranger is just a friend you haven’t met yet. 

Click the link here to see what happened and how the conversation unfolded.

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