Remember when you were a kid and you had these wild and crazy dreams.
Become a singer and perform alongside some of the biggest names, become a footballer and play in the biggest stadiums in the world, rewrite history.

But as you get older, those dreams begin to slip further and further away from you. And when you’re a kid that keeps being told NO those dreams begin to feel IMPOSSIBLE.

When I was a kid, my one dream was to be a writer and it eventually turned into becoming a movie director. I would sit there and write stories letting my imagination run wild. I’d capture moments when people weren’t really looking because they were memories I wanted to keep forever. 

But then you grow up. 

And you keep hearing, you can’t, you shouldn’t, you won’t.
Because it all seems too crazy. To them.

The word no becomes part of your vocabulary and those dreams you had as a seven year old kid now seem un-realistic. Because the world keeps telling you it’s crazy, but who’s world is it your living in? Who’s rule book are you following? Who’s voice is it you’re listening to that keeps telling you, you can’t? You shouldn’t and you wouldn’t?

It’s taken me almost 20 years to pretty much come full circle to revisit those dreams. Because now they aren’t as wild and crazy or far fetched as they once seemed. After I turned 25 I decided it was time to put those dreams I had as a kid first because why not at least try to make them happen?

Why not try? Why not take the first step into the direction you told yourself was off limits? It’s taking the first step that’s always the hardest part. We might not have all the answers today, but if we don’t at least try, we’ll never really know tomorrow either. 

To embrace discomfort, to try something new, to feel the fear and do it anyway. 

Which brings us to here.

Words by: Monique Medved
Instagram: @moniquemedved

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