So I turned 25 recently. 

And I’ve made it my one mission in life to keep the promises I made to myself as a kid. When you’re a kid that keeps being told no, all you want to do as an adult is do everything they told you not to do. It took getting away from the people that told me I couldn’t to prove to myself that I could.

The world I grew up in was one where more people told me you can’t or you shouldn’t because they were too afraid to try.

Over the last year 2 years what I’ve learnt through my own shit is that when you’re genuinely ready to be the person you were always meant to be,  you’ll drop all of the excuses you once told yourself and start making the moves that you need to make to become that person.

At the end of the day life isn’t what’s given to you, it’s what you create, what you overcome and what you achieve on your own terms that makes it meaningful. So here’s 25 things I’ve learnt in the process of creating that kind of life I 

1 - It’s okay to not have a plan - maybe not having a plan was always meant to be the plan.

2 - Money returns, time doesn’t - stop telling yourself there’s always tomorrow and start today.

3 -  Letting go of how things should of been allows you to be present and enjoy the story you’re actually living. 

4 - Being comfortable with being alone is where you will learn the most about yourself. 

5 - Fear is just a product of the thoughts you create and you are your only limit. 

6 - Nothing changes if nothing changes so instead of staying where you are, try going left. 

7 - You don’t need to experience life the way you were shown too. Your life is your own, no one else's. 

8 - Take the risk or lose the chance

9 - Getting comfortable with uncomfortable t’s the fastest way to grow. 

10 - Vulnerability is the foundation you need to lay to build resilience 

11 - People come and go but the right people find their way to you at the right time in your life 

12 - Rock bottom will teach you things mountain tops never could. 

13 - Time is your most valuable resource so use it wisely.

14 - Experiences will be your greatest source of education. 

15 - It’s okay to do what’s right by you even if that means walking away from everything you once knew.

16 - Don’t take life too seriously remember to laugh along the way.

17 - Fall in love with yourself before you fall in love with someone else.

18 - Failure is success if you learn from it.

19 - If it makes you happy, do it, because why not?

20 - Opportunity will present itself when you start showing up to your life every single day.

21 - Be kind to anyone you meet so always say hello and thank you.

22 - Stop and take a look around every once and awhile because life is pretty beautiful 

23 - Always be willing to try new things.

24 - Stay curious and get lost every once in a while.

25 - Age is just a number, you’re on your own timeline and you’re right on time. 

So my advice to anyone choosing to watch this is to embrace heartbreak, make mistakes and learn from them, book a flight somewhere and take a chance on yourself, fly to a new country to experience a new culture and take someone you just met with you. Take a risk. Go somewhere by yourself and experience it on your own. Get lost and meet new people along the way. Climb the mountain you never told yourself you would. Push yourself, mentally and physically. Fly to the desert, go sand boarding and take your mum with you. Maybe even get to know her a little better. Learn to get punched in the face and keep going, go for a weekend trip to another country to do something that scares you and do it with one of you best mates. Road trip through the countryside and see the beauty in nature. Go places without a destination and see where the road takes you. And laugh, a lot.

Life isn’t meant to be taken too seriously or even go to plan. It’s not about where you end up, it’s about the discovery. Discovering the kind of person you want to be after you’re stripped of the job title, the labels, the relationship status and the ego because when you take all those things away, are you happy with what’s left?

The reason why twenty year olds are so fixated on age is because we feel pressure to be a certain way at 23, at 25, at 29. There are all these invisible deadlines we’ve given ourselves with careers, love and life that we feel so much guilt for essentially acting our age and making mistakes because we’re obsessed with this fantasy of being domesticated and having our shit together.

It’s sad because those people who are fixated on age, don’t ever fully get a chance to enjoy their youth. They’re so concerned about doing things ‘the right way’ that they lose any sense of pleasure in doing things the wrong way. So if you’re twenty something years old now then start living and make mistakes, what you’ll find is that while you’re living in the present, you’ll grow up in the process. 

So yeah, I turned 25 today and I feel like I’m more me than I’ve ever been.

WATCH THE VIDEO HERE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kPt3fAz0tPo

Words by: Monique Medved


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